54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis

Podcast 122: I Believe… in Exercise

The "I Believe" video series is a series of podcasts that features people in the CF community sharing their beliefs on what it takes to live, breathe, and succeed with CF.

In this episode, the discussion focuses on Belief in exercise and its importance to everyday health. While people with CF exercise and remain active in different ways, all four people featured in this video Believe that it strengthens and clears their lungs, and allows them to be strong both mentally and physically.

Thanks to AbbVie Inc. for the promotional support and commitment to the cystic fibrosis community, which makes this program possible.

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In this episode, we talk with Katie O’Grady, a 17-year old senior at North Rockland High School in New York. Katie is an avid runner and is a member of the Red Raider varsity cross country and track teams. She talks about the role sports and exercise have played in managing her CF, but particularly how beneficial running has been in keeping herself healthy. 

• Katie’s first sport was soccer. She played for five years, but eventually gravitated away from soccer and towards running.

• Katie began running early in grade school, running side-by-side with her father.

• For Katie, running provides her with an opportunity to think and take in the outdoors around her.

• By the eighth grade, Katie was her school’s best competitive runner.

• Katie says running has helped keep sinus infections at bay, while improving her breathing.

• Aside from running, Katie keeps herself in shape through weight training, swimming, and biking.

• When she does get sick, running can be frustrating for Katie, but she stays motivated by remembering the fun times at past events, and the support she has from her friends.

• In 2012, Katie crossed the finish line at the New York City Half Marathon, running for Team Boomer.

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