54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis
Winning Championship Races  on her Track Team in Allen,  Nebraska and Winning the Battle with CF through Exercise
Jerry Cahill Interviews Erin Keitges
  • Erin was diagnosed with CF at 3 months due to "failure to thrive"
  • Erin's mom, dad, older brother and sister are very supportive
  • Growing up Erin's mom states: "Erin was treated like everyone else in the family" and not put in a glass jar"
  • Academically Erin is ranked #1 in her class
  • Erin is involved in high school varsity basketball, volleyball, band, choir, and has mastered Track & Field in both the 3200meters and 1600meters where she won and set school records in May 2005
  • "Multi-tasking!" that is the key to Erin's success and fitting a lot of living into a single day
  • Living with CF? Erin states: "some days are harder than others but I live my life and go on..."
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    Coming Soon: Erin Keitges Interview 16 year old Erin Keitges has overcome cystic fibrosis to become one of Nebraska's top distance runners. Her inspiring story is coming soon to Jerry Cahill's Cystic Fibrosis Podcast.
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    I recently had doctor appointments at the University of North Carolina Adult CF Center in Chapel Hill. I was very impressed with the precautions that the center is taking to avoid the spread of infection among CF patients. The center has a phenomenal hand out entitled: "INFECTION CONTROL". I highly recommend EVERYONE read this memo. The Boomer Esiason Foundation has placed it up on their website: www.esiason.org. Once you are on the site click on "NEWS", go to "CF RESOURCES" and click on "INFECTION CONTROL". The Adult CF Center at UNC is the most impressive and professional adult center that I have encountered in my 49 years living with CF.
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    Jerry Interviews Ashley White

    Ashley White, Awaiting a Double Lung Transplant at Duke Medical Center, Looks Forward to Being Able to "Breathe Again"

    Jerry Cahill interviews Ashley White

    • Ashley White was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 4 months of age.
    • Ashley has 4 sisters and 2 brothers, one brother also has CF.
    • Ashley attends home school daily.
    • Medication, therapy, more medication, and more therapy Ashley spends many hours a day being compliant to here routine trying to stay healthy along with nightly tube feeding.
    • Ashley enjoys scrap booking and spending time with her friends and family.
    • Listed for a double lung transplant in March 2005 after being on oxygen 24/7 and when her FEVs dropped below 24.
    • Ashley, along with her mom, had to face and make the big decision regarding the double lung transplant surgery.
    • My Mom has been the biggest influence on my life
    • KEEP GOING! Ashleys advice to others with CF and facing a transplant.
    • Without my Mom, who pushes me, I may have giving up

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    Jerry Interviews Lisa White

    Lisa White's Daughter Awaits a Double Lung Transplant at Duke Medical Center and Her Faith & Family Give Her Strength

    Jerry Cahill interviews Lisa White

    • Lisa’s daughter is awaiting a double lung transplant at Duke Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.
    • Lisa has the endless support from her family, friends, and faith.
    • Lisa stresses? “Stay positive? and keep on “living life? regardless of the obstacles.
    • “Keep researching EVERYTHING on cystic fibrosis and lung transplants? and most of all be “PRO-ACTIVE? and “VIGILANT?
    • Lisa states: “Ashley and I never give up, you must have the SURVIVAL INSTINCT or LIFE WILL STOP!?
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