54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis
Kristy Denninger Enjoying Life at age 28 with Cystic Fibrosis

Kristy Denninger Enjoying Life at age 28 with Cystic Fibrosis

Jerry Cahill Interviews Kristy Denninger

Kristy Denninger is 28 years old and has a phenomenal support team of family, boyfriend, and friends.

  • Kristy was diagnosed with CF at 3 months do to “failure to thrive?.
  • Kristy at age 14 also diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • Degree in Social Work from St. Thomas College in New York.
  • Kristy enjoys: “Family, Friends, and Vacationing?
  • “Relaxing on the Beach is great for my Spiritual and Physical Health?.
  • Kristy raised over $10,000 this year for CFF “Great Strides?.
  • Kristy states: “Exercising on the treadmill for 20 minutes per day helps keep me healthy?.
  • Kristy believes in “staying positive? and is empowered by the online Cystic-L Support Group.
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Get ready for MORE!!! New and informative interviews set with vivacious, Kristy Denninger, 28 years old with CF and Amy Purdy, CF Social Worker at prestigious St. Vincent's CF Center
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 Laura Cianci Home Infusion Nurse

Jerry Cahill interviews Laura Cianci

Laura Cianci has been a Home Infusion Nurse for the past 16 years working with patients with acute illnesses. Home infusion therapy offers flexibility to both the patient and the nurse.

  • Laura has many CF patients that receive numerous antibiotics and steroids by IV.
    Patients can start home infusion care as young as 18 months
  • “I love my patients, they are the reason why I do what I do?
  • Laura states: “It’s important to mobilize the secretions, not only through IV antibiotics but also through postural drainage?
  • Laura believes CF patients need to be more pro-active in their care.
  • “I have learned to appreciate life more after working with my patients and seeing the fortitude they have for life…
  • Laura states: CF has an effect on the entire family


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Sorry for the delays but I have to start some iv antibiotic therapy today of Ceftaz and amikacyn - thank God for ports as I am tired of getting stuck with needles for iv's. Just to let you know I will have the new interviews up and running by next Tuesday Interviews: Laura Cianci - homecare iv infusion nurse and K - 32 year old male with CF
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I will have some new and exciting interviews coming your way within the next week. I am finalizing an interview with a 32 year old young man with CF and another chat with a CF doctor that has been involved with CF for over 50 years and has experienced a lot of transformation.
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