54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis

- On Sunday, November 5 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Mr. Dennehy’s located at 63 Carmine Street @ Seventh Avenue in New York City’s West Village will host a post-marathon celebration to benefit Team Boomer- Fighting Cystic Fibrosis.

- The event is open to the public and ticket price is $25, which includes a two-hour open bar. All proceeds from the evening will go directly to the Boomer Esiason Foundation (BEF) to support the Exercise for Life Scholarship for individuals with cystic fibrosis.

- Joe Kelly, an employee at Mr. Dennehy’s, will be representing TEAM BOOMER in the marathon along with many other international runners.

- Team Boomer – Fighting Cystic Fibrosis was developed by BEF and is a USATF-registered competitive club.

- Those who are a part of Team Boomer participate in various races, obtain sponsors, and donate the pledges they receive to BEF. Team Boomer is designed to promote exercise and help raise funds for the Exercise for Life scholarship program for people with CF.

- BEF is a leader in the area of academic scholarships and transplant grants and is now being proactive as the frontrunner in the area of exercise for individuals with CF.

- Mr. Dennehy’s, located at 63 Carmine Street at Seventh Avenue, is a traditional Irish pub and restaurant known for its live music, great food and charming bartenders.

- Mr. Dennehy’s has received rave reviews from Time Out New York, New York Magazine and CitiSearch and is a New York pub that’s not to miss.

For more info:

o Call: 212-414-1223

o www.mrdennehys.com

o donal@mrdennehys.com

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Episode #0041:  Isabel Stenzel-Byrnes Interview Isabel Stenzel Byrnes Interview
The Power of Two - a family story of twins Isabel and Anabel surviving with CF

Jerry Cahill interviews part time social worker, Isabel Stanzel Byrnes, who is 34 years old with CF post transplant 2.5 years (Isabel received the gift of life on February 6th 2004). Isabel has an identical twin sister, Anabel Stenzel, who also has CF and is post transplant 6 years.

  1. Isabel grew up in Los Angeles, California
  2. Diagnosed 3 days post birth
  3. At age 5 started having a lot of respiratory infections
  4. Isabel started having chronic pseudomonas at age 10
  5. Attended Stanford University undergraduate school
  6. Attended University of California, Berkeley graduate school
  7. Isabel and Ana lived in Japan and taught English for a few years
  8. Isabel has always been active in the area of exercise pre and post transplant and is an avid hiker.
  9. Isabel has been married for 8 years to a wonderful man and support person, Andrew Byrnes.
  10. "The transplant was a spiritual event" states Isabel.
  11. "I survived with CF and the transplant due to all my exercise, I had a lot of muscle strength"states Isabel.
  12. Isabel has competed in the United States Transplant Games that includes over 1800 athletes. Isabel won 1 gold and 2 silver medals!!
  13. Isabel and Anabel have written a book: The Power of Two. A family story about twins surviving with cystic fibrosis.
  14. For information on the book please contact Isabel at: isabear27@hotmail.com


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CF Education Day comes to NYC Title: CF Education Day comes to NYC

When: October 15th 2006 from 11am to 4pm
Where: The Yale Club in New York City

Info: cfday2006@aol.com

Phone:  800-622-0385

Come hear nationally recognized speakers at this one time event.
The event is free and includes lunch
Everyone must register to attend
Speakers will discuss:
o     ways to obtain health insurance and make it cover treatments needed to fight CF
o    Laws that protect children with CF in school
o    Strategies for living a successful life with CF
o    New drugs on the CF Horizon
o    Treatments and care of children and adults with CF

Due to cross infection no one with CF can attend this event.
To find out other ways adults with CF can participate in this event please contact: cfday2006@aol.com or call: 800-622-0385
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