54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis
Ashley White Awaits Double Lung Transplant at Duke Medical Center Stay tuned for an empowering interview with 17 year old Ashley White as she awaits a double lung transplant at Duke Medical Center and another interview with her mom, Lisa White who gives her daughter much love, strength, and support.
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Amy Purdy, Social Worker at St. Vincent's CF Center in New York, is Passionate about her Work!

Jerry Cahill interviews Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy has been a social worker at Saint Vincent’s CF Center, in New York City, for over 8 years and “loves helping people?

  • Amy grew up in Long Island, NY
  • SUNY Albany undergraduate degree
  • Adelphi University graduate degree in Social Work
  • St. Vincent’s has over 170 cystic fibrosis patients where Amy works full time for the center.
  • Amy has great relationships with her patients and knows “what there favorite flavor is in bubble gum?
  • Amy deals with various issues including; medical insurance, medication compliance, educating families on CF, transplant issues, and “just being there? for the patients?.
  • Amy states: “Teen years are critical for medication/therapy compliance, as this sets the stage for your future health?.
  • St. Vincent’s has a “phone a friend? program for CF teens to speak to adults with CF
  • Amy’s goal: “Take the burden off the young adults by becoming like a personal assistant?
  • Amy’s advice to families: “Use ALL the resources at your CF Center?
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CF Sucks!

I just received my new T-shirt that says "CF Sucks" and it does...
I have been on iv antibiotics for over 4 weeks and still have a lot of congestion... I am at the point these medications don't work - WE NEED NEW DRUGS!!!

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