54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis
Episode #0029: iPod Video- Exercise For Life

TITLE: Exercise for Life

Jerry Cahill, 49 with cystic fibrosis, discusses the importance of exercise and explains the “gadgets? he uses while jogging.

1. “The single most important therapy in my life that keeps me healthy is exercise? states Jerry

2. Jerry believes that being outdoors in the fresh air is much better than being locked inside on a treadmill

3. “I try to exercise outdoors even when I am on IV antibiotics as it helps clear out my congestion?
Jerry jogs with a small oxygen tank, prescribed by his doctor due to shortness of breath. I use a “camelbak? backpack that is       normally used by bikers for hydration. http://www.camelbak.com

4. “I believe in training smart so I use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor to time my walking/jogging and keep track of my heart rate and exercise training zones. http://www.polarusa.com

5. “When I exercise I need to wear an oximeter that measures the oxygen saturation in your blood since my oxygen levels sometimes drop below 90%. The oximeter (WristOx 3100) keeps me in check so I do not hurt myself and get the full benefit of exercising my lungs, which are muscles and need to be worked? http://www.nonin.com

6. “I have been exercising and jogging since I was 9 years old and it has improved my quality of life living with CF. I believe everyone with CF can and should do some form of exercise daily – even if you start with walking and build up to jogging…?

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Episode #0028 Detroit Rocks Cystic Fibrosis !

Detroit Rocks Cystic Fibrosis !

Detroit Rocks CF is the first album put out by the Detroit run Rock CF Foundation. The CD features twelve of Detroit's finest rock bands. Each band donated one track to the album that will sell for $10. with all proceeds going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

1. The album will officially be released at this years Just Let Me Breathe benefit for Cystic Fibrosis.
2. This year's benefit show will be Friday, February 24th 2006 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan.
3. The idea for Detroit Rocks CF was thought of by Emily Schaller, drummer for the band Hellen.
4. Emily, 24, has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects 30,000 Americans
5. Emily states: "The thought of bringing a dozen of the best Detroit bands together on one CD all in the name of CF is amazing! It means so much to me that the people of Detroit care and are willing to help such a great cause."
6. Visit www.letsrockcf.org for more information and to order a copy of the CD

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Hey everyone, Stacey Wu just completed my new logo
Jerry Cahill'sd Cystic Fibrosis Podcast Logo
Thanks, Stacey!
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Episode #0027 Charlotte Reardon Interview

Title: Reardon Runs With CF – Not From It!

Jerry Cahill interviews Charlotte Reardon and states “ I enjoyed meeting Charlotte – she is a selfless young woman that is full of passion and hope?

Charlotte is 20 years old with cystic fibrosis and is Living, Breathing and Running to stay healthy. Currently attending the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and studying psychology in Austria for the spring semester.

1.    Charlotte grew up in Olney, Maryland and was diagnosed at 2 weeks of age and has 3 sisters.
2.    In the hospital a lot for iv antibiotic therapy during grade school, Charlotte also had a feeding tube inserted in 7th     grade.
3.    After some of her CF clinic friends died – Charlotte decided to “take control of her disease?
4.    “Exercise is my main form of therapy? states Charlotte.
5.    Ms. Reardon attributes her success to her father, John Reardon, who first pushed her into running.
6.    “In all honesty I’m kind of in denial,? states Charlotte. “I like to think of myself as someone who’s healthy. I have CF, but at the same time I am determined to do anything I want to do?
7.    “CF is a cross in life but it made me tough!? states Charlotte.
8.    Charlotte believes “Doctors need to stress exercise to their CF patients and everyone with CF needs to get out there and do something?
9.    ‘Breathing [while running] is harder for me than it is for other people, Reardon said. But the more running I do, the easier I can breathe and the better I feel.?
10.    Charlotte’s advice to others with CF “Don’t let it stop you – just get out there and live!?

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Heroes of Hope Award - Living With CF

Pictured on Right (Left to Right) Jerry Cahill with Lisa Yourman, Dr. Joan Germana and Boomer Esiason.




Heroes of Hope Award Photo Gallery



This Story appeared in Heroes of Hope Blog...


Heroes of Hope – Living with CF

49-Year-Old Brooklyn, New York Resident with Cystic Fibrosis Receives National Award

The Heroes of Hope TM Living with CF Program Advisory Panel is pleased to announce Jerry Cahill as the January 2006 award recipient in recognition of his positive attitude and tenacious spirit, The Heroes of Hope program honors people with cystic fibrosis (CF) who give hope to others. Jerry was chosen from a nationwide pool of candidates for his ability to inspire others with CF through his positive attitude, commitment to proactively manage his health, determination, community outreach, and achievement.

Jerry states:
“I wanted to thank the Heroes of Hope Committee and Genentech – makers of Pulmozyme – for this honor?

“I also wanted to thank my family, friends, doctors, and the Boomer Esiason Foundation for ALL your support?

“I share this award with every person with cystic fibrosis that is living, breathing, and fighting everyday to win the battle with this disease?

For questions regarding the Heroes of Hope – Living with CF program, please call 1-866-288-1893
Or visit the web site: http://www.pulmozyme.com/hoh/hoh_landing.jsp

Jerry's Speech

HEROES OF HOPE (Living with CF)

I wanted to thank the HEROES OF HOPE Committee and Genentech – makers of Pulmozyme - for this honor…

I also wanted to thank my family & friends, doctors, and the Boomer Esiason Foundation for all your support…

In the past I have received awards for pole vaulting over 16’0? and increasing sales volume from $26M to $29M but it is a little eye-opening to get an award related to “living with a disease?… so I thought about it and looked up the definition of “HERO? in my Webster’s pocket dictionary.

Hero – one that is much admired or shows great courage.

This award needs to be shared with many…

1.) I share this with every person with cystic fibrosis that is living, breathing, and fighting for survival as it takes a lot of courage & work both physically and emotionally.

2.) My family, in particular my MOM, they are all heroes as they had to deal with a lot on a daily basis growing up…I remember being diagnosed at age 11 and the doctors telling my parents “you are lucky if your son lives to be 18 years old?, WELL… I am 49 and still here today and don’t plan on loosing the battle with CF any day soon. I owe a lot to my family because they never put me in a bubble and kept me very involved in sports – I thank you…

3.) My sister Laurie and friend Mike who help me out alot when I need extra physical therapy when I am sick and really should be in the hospital – thank you

4.) My doctors… I had and have many – one past away, one retired, and some never partnered up with me so I moved on

Dr. Schulman, who I have been with for over 7 years - he has been a great partner and deals with a lot of issues – he has his hands full with me as I am not an easy patient – I thank you, it’s a delight working with you as a doctor – I consider you a friend

5.) The Boomer Esiason Foundation for your support and giving me a “safe haven? by letting me volunteer and empowering me as I await a Lung transplant.

That leads me to the definition of HOPE...

HOPE – desire with expectation of fulfillment

In receiving this award, my hope is that PARENTS of children with CF will NOT feel guilty and NOT cover their loved one in bubble wrap but let them live life to the fullest!

And for individuals living with CF my hope is that ALL will be very compliant to there medications/therapies and get involved in VIGOROUS EXERCISE on a daily basis.

I believe, that through daily exercise, everyone with cystic fibrosis will be LIVING, BREATHING PROOF that can have a full and productive life while we wait for a cure.


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